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Upcoming Rate Changes

With the future of our water system in mind, some proactive steps are needed to keep up with rising costs of materials and maintenance expenses that have consistently continued to rise over the past several years. Effective as of the July billing cycle, Tri-County Water District will be implementing rate changes. Currently, Tri-County Water maintains approx 1200 miles of water lines across multiple counties. We anticipate needing to replace many of the original water lines in the coming years to avoid major failures. The cost to replace and/or repair these miles of lines is nearly 6 times higher than just a few years ago due to the rising cost of materials.

While we understand these changes are not easy, they are a necessary action to maintain and grow the system and uphold the same quality water to all of our customers. As always, we encourage everyone to attend the annual meetings each November to keep up to date with projects, forecasts, changes, and to voice any concerns or ask questions. We value and appreciate all of our customers and want to thank everyone for their continued support.

The new monthly rates will be set as follows:

Standard/Residential Monthly Base Rate: $59

$9 per 1,000 gallons up to 14,999 gallons per month

$11 per 1,000 gallons over 15,000 gallons per month

Pasture Tap/Hydrant Monthly Base Rate: $29.50 plus water use as listed above

Pasture taps/hydrants may be inactivated at no extra charge. Although, upon reconnection there will be a reconnect fee.